Too Little RestIn today’s society more people are working longer hours than ever before, and pushing their bodies and minds to the limits. Instead of a 40 hour work week, men and women are spending 50 or 60 hours in the office not to mention hours during commute to and from the office. All with no rest.

That type of work habit quickly takes toll on you and there is one simple way to fix it all: quality rest. By escaping the life we are used to for a little while to truly rest and relax there are many positive benefits to be enjoyed. Some of the benefits you will experience by taking time out of your schedule to rest include:

Healthier Body

Rest allows your body to take a break and repair. During a regular work week (and even weekends or your days off) you are constantly on the go. There is always a deadline to meet, always something to be done, and working hard puts stress on the body even if you work in an office. Taking a restful miniature vacation to a camp for a retreat allows your body to recover and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and more energetic.

Less Stress

The way modern culture has us operating today is through constant demand. There is so much that has to be done all the time and the world is constantly on. Today’s society doesn’t take a break so we don’t either. Juggling work and family life and everything in between is extremely mentally taxing. Getting away from all that at a camp allows you to relax your mind and focus on you and your relationships without having to deal with the stresses of modern society.

Better Productivity

One of the most important benefits that true rest brings is that you come back to your regular schedule feeling refreshed and revitalized which leads to higher productivity. When you don’t feel constantly exhausted or you aren’t dealing with stress weighing you down every second of the day you can perform better at work. This is one of the reasons that holding regular corporate retreats at a camp is highly recommended.

Get Away From Your Routine To Truly Rest

In modern society to truly rest it’s necessary to get away from all of the things you are used to. Go to a place where you aren’t worried about the cell phone, aren’t attached to your laptop, don’t have to listen to sounds of traffic, or anything else. Going on a retreat to a camp such as Hope Valley Camp puts you in nature so you can reflect, focus on yourself, and let the stresses of society melt away.