Foods For A RetreatAre you planning on going camping this year? Having a graduation party, birthday celebration, or any other type of event and want to have it outdoors? To make sure you, your family, and your guests have the best time possible, make sure you have great outdoor activities and food planned. Here are a few delicious food ideas that you may want to consider as well as fun outdoor activities that anyone can enjoy whether you’re at a camp or a park:

Great Outdoor Food Ideas

Just like any great party or event, the food is important. If you are having an outdoor party here are a few food ideas that will leave your guests full and satisfied:

  • If You Have A Grill, Use It – Whether you are in your backyard or at a State Park, if there is a grill it’s perfect for outside cooking. While BBQ chicken or hamburgers and hotdogs are classics, other things like kebabs are great for the grill. If you are feeding a lot of people having things you can prep ahead of time make grilling extremely easy.
  • Salads Are Easy To Make Ahead Of Time – No matter where you are going for your outdoor activity, bringing along salads in the cooler are perfect as side dishes. Pasta salad filled with olives and artichokes are great, cucumber and tomato salad is extremely refreshing as well.

If you are camping and plan on cooking all of your meals here are a few camping tips to make sure you are serving up delicious food all the time:

  • Plan Ahead – Before you go on your trip, make sure you plan out enough food for each night you are staying. Don’t forget to factor in snacks as well.
  • Prep At Home – Trying to cut up chicken or portion out beef while camping can be difficult and unsanitary so doing prep work on your proteins before you leave is highly recommended.
  • Bring Precooked Stews – Stews are actually quite easy to bring with you camping if you create them at home, cook them down and then freeze them. All you have to do when camping is add water and reheat and you have perfect stew in minutes.
  • Don’t Forget The Marshmallows – Nothing says camping like roasting marshmallows or making s’mores so don’t forget to bring a couple bags!

Outdoor Recreation Ideas

No matter what you are doing outside, whether it’s with a church group or with your family, planning outdoor activities out ahead of time makes everything a lot fun. Here are a few activities you may want to consider:

  • Playing A Sport – This seems like a no brainer but making sure you bring a few sports items such as a football can be really fun, especially if you have a large group of enthusiastic players.
  • Hiking – Planning a hiking trip is a great way to enjoy nature and have fun with your family in a relaxed way. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures.
  • Tug Of War – With just a simple rope you and your group can have quite a bit of fun in a game of tug-o-war. This is a great team building exercise as well if you have decided to go on a camping retreat with employees.
  • Story Telling – This is a great activity if there are a lot of children around or if you are trying to foster relationships within a group. Having everyone share stories around a campfire can be a great way to unwind and have fun. It’s also a great teaching opportunity to guide children.

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